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What We Do

The energy industry is changing. Stay one step ahead.

Our industry is in the middle of a radical shift, shaped by cleaner sources of generation, new and distributed energy producers, and digitally empowered customers. Not only does our research capture the critical information you need to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, but our comprehensive analysis delivers a clean energy strategy that supports your business’ success.


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Expertise with a Point of View

Great consulting is about more than accurate numbers. From energy efficiency to customer transformation—and everything in between—we keep your clean energy strategy one step ahead. Located in the Pacific Northwest, we have a front row seat to industry shifts and are ready to give you unparalleled access.

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Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management

How effective is your current clean energy strategy? With innovative programs that engage your customers, we can help you better target and create clean energy generation. The result? Reduced consumer costs and achieved carbon-reduction goals.

Transportation Electrification

We’ve crossed the tipping point for electric transportation. Cars, buses, ferries, and TNC services are embracing green modes to encourage hybrid and electric vehicle use. Utilities will need to support demand with electric charging infrastructure and consumer education. We can help you become trusted advisors in this field.


Consumers are shifting away from fossil fuels, and public policy is focusing on greenhouse gas reductions. We can support you in developing decarbonization initiatives that target the built environment and transportation sector, while also helping you engage with your customers in a brand-new way.

Customer Experience Transformation

In the past, utility-customer relationships were based on the delivery of safe, reliable, and affordable energy service. Today’s relationships are rooted in anticipating customer behavior. To help you stay relevant, we create compelling customer experiences that provide true value in the communities you serve.

Our Services

  • Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification

    Gain invaluable insight to your clean energy programs and identify new opportunities in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

    • Evaluation Design and Implementation
    • Regulatory Strategy and Support
    • Benchmarking and Best Practices
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  • Data and Analytics

    Unlock the power of data to better understand past performance and make informed decisions for the future.

    • Advanced Statistics and Econometrics
    • Data Management and Visualization
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  • Market Research

    Discover how real people make energy decisions every day.

    • Baseline Studies
    • Market Analysis, Characterization, and Segmentation
    • Custom Research and Testing
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  • Strategic Planning

    Map a path to your future success, today.

    • Customer Experience
    • Ideation and Innovation
    • Portfolio Strategy and Program Design
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Case Studies

How can utilities transform to meet customer expectations in the digital age?

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How can a public utility plan for EV growth when it could hurt the bottom line?

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What do customers want out of decarbonization programs?

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How do you design a mid-stream energy efficiency program and track its performance?

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You’re ready to upscale, but how do you expand your energy efficiency programs to new sectors?

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You want to formalize your energy code process, but how do you address development and advancement?

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How can you use advanced evaluation planning to create new programs that tackle carbon reduction?

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Most customers want to charge their electric vehicles at night. What can you do to encourage off-peak charging?

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Smart thermostats are the future—but how do you measure how customers interact with them?

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Times are changing, and you need to keep pace. How do you create a pilot program that focuses on reducing energy costs and cutting GHG emissions?

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How do you extend your current demand response program to capture brand-new customers?

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A Collaborative Approach

On the field, we assemble our best team—with expertise in evaluation, strategy, data and analytics, and market research—to partner with your best team to deliver impeccable results.
Off the field, our camaraderie extends to games of bocce ball, live music meetups, or bike rides to work. What can we say, we like good company.

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