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Data and Analytics

How are customers responding to your programs? What energy savings are you really seeing? Are you missing important growth opportunities?

Understanding your data is essential to developing successful clean energy services. Working with EMI’s unmatched data and analytics team, you can capitalize on what’s working and cut out what’s not, leading to a more streamlined approach and informed decision-making. EMI’s multi-disciplinary team has expertise in all aspects of data analysis and modeling, including advanced statistics, econometrics, data management, and visualization.

Data and Analytics

Advanced Statistics and Econometrics

With core capabilities in advanced statistics and econometrics, the EMI team will reveal consumer behavior insights and what leads to program success. We apply advanced statistical techniques with economic principles and historical market data to predict future trends with unrivaled accuracy. Armed with this new data, you can quickly make key decisions about strategy, program design, and customer engagement.

FIG 1: Load Profiles from Smart Thermostats

Data and Analytics

Data Management and Visualization

Too much data can be a both a blessing and a curse. Our team makes sense of data overload. We relish the opportunity to process, clean, and organize data from multiple sources. We will ensure your data streams are accurate, giving you peace of mind. Our designers use the latest techniques in data visualization to create custom tools that will deliver insight into key metrics.

FIG 2: Non-Normalized GHG Emissions (MT CO2) by Building Type [2016]

Data and Analytics

How do you design a mid-stream energy efficiency program and track its performance?

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Data and Analytics

How can you use advanced evaluation planning to create new programs that tackle carbon reduction?

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Other Services

Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification

Gain invaluable insight to your clean energy programs and identify new opportunities in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

  • Evaluation Design and Implementation
  • Regulatory Strategy and Support
  • Benchmarking and Best Practices
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Market Research

Discover how real people make energy decisions every day.

  • Baseline Studies
  • Market Analysis, Characterization, and Segmentation
  • Custom Research and Testing
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Strategic Planning

Map a path to your future success, today.

  • Customer Experience
  • Ideation and Innovation
  • Portfolio Strategy and Program Design
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