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Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification

What will make your clean energy program more cost-effective? Are your programs having a positive impact on your customers? Is your clean energy program supporting big-picture utility goals?

Our evaluation, measurement, and verification services address each stage of your program lifecycle: design and implementation, regulatory strategy and support, and benchmarking and best practices. With each report, we focus on delivering clear and actionable insights about your current programs and policies, so you can quickly pivot to match the rapid innovation happening in our industry.

Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification

Evaluation Design and Implementation

Did your last evaluation feel like nothing more than a financial audit? Did it give you just a snapshot view of an everchanging landscape? We specialize in agile and adaptive evaluations that provide continuous feedback, allowing for frequent “course corrections” to address your changing priorities, in addition to meeting regulatory reporting requirements. Our recommendations will help you optimize results.

  • Developmental Evaluation
  • Impact Evaluation
  • Process Evaluation
  • Ethnography
FIG 1: Heat pump program logic model from a heat pump pilot program

Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification

Regulatory Strategy and Support

We understand the regulatory landscape, and we’re here to help you navigate it. Our expert consulting team will help you develop a positive, collaborative relationship with regulators. Our advice is steeped in a systems-thinking approach that considers market, technical, and political factors.

Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification

Benchmarking and Best Practices

One of the best parts of our job is connecting our network to optimize results. It’s in everyone’s best interest to work together to increase clean energy consumption, which is why our benchmarking services measure the quality of your policies, products, programs, and strategies and compare them to peer institutions.

FIG 2: Cost of Energy Efficiency Acquisition

Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification

Times are changing, and you need to keep pace. How do you create a pilot program that focuses on reducing energy costs and cutting GHG emissions?

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Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification

How do you extend your current demand response program to capture brand-new customers?

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Other Services

Data and Analytics

Unlock the power of data to better understand past performance and make informed decisions for the future.

  • Advanced Statistics and Econometrics
  • Data Management and Visualization
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Market Research

Discover how real people make energy decisions every day.

  • Baseline Studies
  • Market Analysis, Characterization, and Segmentation
  • Custom Research and Testing
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Strategic Planning

Map a path to your future success, today.

  • Customer Experience
  • Ideation and Innovation
  • Portfolio Strategy and Program Design
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