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Strategic Planning

You want to reduce your carbon footprint, but which option should you choose? Do you have a plan to ensure a viable and growing enterprise as the rules and regulations continue to change?

We believe the best strategic plans begin with the end in mind. At EMI, we are loyal business partners that help you envision the future, define your goals, and outline a step-by-step plan to get there. Our unique planning workshops are tailored to your business needs and include ideation and innovation, customer experience and portfolio strategy, and program design.

Strategic Planning

Customer Experience

The power is out, but what about the food in my fridge? Is it safe for me to pay my bill online? I joined this clean energy program – is it making a difference?

Customers make decisions with more data, influence, and choices than ever before. Their experience is no longer confined to call centers and print advertisements. Your narrative lives in every step of the customer journey, from selecting a clean energy program to paying their bill online to power outage text notifications. We will bring your customer experience to life with visual maps to help you put their needs at the center of your business model.

FIG 1: Energy Efficiency Journey Map

Strategic Planning

Ideation and Innovation

The future of utilities is here. Are you paving the way or racing to catch up? EMI will help you pull your ideas into a coherent plan and use that plan to maximize revenue. We use a variety of techniques including strategy workshops, cost benefit analysis, and groundbreaking market research to help you design your future starting NOW.

Strategic Planning

Portfolio Strategy and Program Design

What is the most cost-effective way of packaging new or emerging technologies? What is the optimal portfolio to meet changing market dynamics? How can you continue to address customer needs while securing cost recovery and performance incentives?

Whether you’re looking for an entire portfolio strategy or the design of one new program, you need a trusted partner with experience. In collaboration with your team, we can help you optimize your portfolio of products and services to meet your unique business objectives and market landscape. Our team will identify portfolio gaps and ways that individual programs can leverage one another, leading to solutions that resonate with your customers.

FIG 2: Empirical Relative Importance of Product Influence Pathways

Strategic Planning

How can utilities transform to meet customer expectations in the digital age?

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Strategic Planning

How can a public utility plan for EV growth when it could hurt the bottom line?

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Strategic Planning

You want to formalize your energy code process, but how do you address development and advancement?

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Strategic Planning

Most customers want to charge their electric vehicles at night. What can you do to encourage off-peak charging?

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Other Services

Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification

Gain invaluable insight to your clean energy programs and identify new opportunities in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

  • Evaluation Design and Implementation
  • Regulatory Strategy and Support
  • Benchmarking and Best Practices
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Data and Analytics

Unlock the power of data to better understand past performance and make informed decisions for the future.

  • Advanced Statistics and Econometrics
  • Data Management and Visualization
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Market Research

Discover how real people make energy decisions every day.

  • Baseline Studies
  • Market Analysis, Characterization, and Segmentation
  • Custom Research and Testing
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