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Alexandra Trecha


Alex Trecha Headshot

Earning her master’s degree in agricultural and food economics at the University of Bonn, Alex learned just how different a place could be when environmental policy has been prioritized. And in her work for the Michigan Environmental Council, where she focused on demand side management policy, she began to think about solutions that can come from both sides of the meter. While Alex has always had an interest in climate change mitigation, she has become drawn to the energy industry specifically, because it offers ways for everyone to contribute, not just the utilities themselves or large corporations. Whether she is crunching numbers as part of an impact evaluation or for more targeted research on underserved communities, Alex hopes the insights she extracts from our data will ultimately shift the energy industry away from carbon and toward a system that prioritizes environmental justice. We all deserve to breathe cleaner air, regardless of what demographic we come from.


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  • What are you really good at?

    Pinpointing the objective of a project from the start and then holding that objective in mind. If the team strays too far, I can always bring them back in.

  • What are the problems you like to solve?

    I like being able to hand over a deliverable that’s going to help get our client to answer they need. Even for something as routine as a data cleaning task, it’s satisfying to be able to show how I’ve improved on a process.

  • When do you have the most fun at work?

    I love talking to colleagues, when we can all ask questions and then think through a solution together. Sometimes the most creative solutions come from bouncing ideas off of each other.

  • Where is your favorite spot in the world?

    Charlevoix , Michigan. I’ve been going there my whole life. I have so many memories from growing up there and spending summers on Lake Michigan.