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Jordana Palmer

Research Assistant

Jordana Palmer

Jordana has always been driven by activism and the bigger picture. Through her nonprofit work with disadvantaged communities here in the US, to a Fulbright project researching energy efficiency efforts in China (now on hiatus, due to the pandemic), she looks beyond the boundaries of her own community to see how actions taken by one person or group can affect other populations. She looks for ways to combine her passion for language with all of the challenges that come with a quickly evolving energy industry. While we are sad she is not currently able to pursue her work in China, we are fortunate that it has provided the opportunity to have Jordana join our team of energy professionals, where she works alongside our researchers to help our data gathering efforts. She balances her life as a researcher by challenging herself with 3D art; she has a 3D printer and has also produced a wealth of etchings.


bowls of curry eaten in 2019


different visual art forms learned


types of tea tried

  • How did you get into the clean energy field?

    I got into energy in my senior year of college through the Minnesota Capitol Pathways program. It places students of color with various agencies during the Minnesota legislative session. I spent that session working at Xcel Energy and the Metropolitan Council in Minnesota. My mentor at Xcel Energy did a great job at introducing energy and environmental policy to me. Afterwards, I then went on to working full-time in the Minnesota energy industry.

  • What are you really good at?

    Being creative and thinking outside the box. I think it comes from not being born here. I always try to look at a problem from a different point of view, so seeking clarity is second nature to me.

  • When do you have the most fun at work?

    I enjoy anything that allows me to be creative, like crafting data visualizations. Any preparation of research i have done for a presentation.

  • Where is your favorite spot in the world?

    Jamaica. People are so expressive and welcoming there, and obviously the beaches and nature are beautiful.