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Katie Cary

Managing Consultant


Katie is passionate about bringing complex numbers to life using the latest data visualization techniques. She approaches her work carefully, focused on each detail and working tirelessly to deliver the best quality. Katie has been at EMI since 2014 and has a Master’s degree in international public policy. When you work with Katie, you will find someone who is tenacious about finding the essential truth buried in a mountain of data.


curling matches played last year


different non-brown hair colors (and counting!)


lovable dog named Hoxton

  • How did you get into the clean energy field?

    My parents love national parks, and from a young age, taught my brother and I the value of preserving and protecting the natural environment. I have always looked for ways to incorporate my professional skills into a field I was passionate about, and EMI Consulting afforded me that opportunity. But really, it was the dog-friendly office that got me.

  • What are you passionate about? What are the ideas that drive you?

    As a kid, I was part of a club called "Future Problem Solvers" (nerdy, I know). What I loved then is the same thing I love now: being presented with a problem and having to think creatively to find an appropriate solution. My favorite part of my job is answering critical questions for my clients and seeing them use the results of our research to improve their programs, create new products, and plan for the future.

  • What’s currently on your desk?

    I recently got obsessed with plants, so my desk is currently littered with them. Today, I have a string of banana plants named Momo, a peperomia named Pepper Potts, and a snake plant named Kaa all enjoying the sun on my desk.



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