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Katie Evans



Before you can identify a solution, you have to ask the right questions, and that’s where Katie comes in. With an interesting background in biology and political consulting, Katie is an expert at precision questioning that gives clarity to even the most complex client situations. At EMI, Katie’s curiosity and eagle-eye attention to detail provides immeasurable value to the clients she works with.



B.S in Biological Sciences from the University of Vermont


hours of volunteer work


5-star reviews as a professional dog walker

  • How did you get into the clean energy field?

    I have a degree in Biology and a passion for politics; climate change is a fitting blend. While working as a political consultant, my favorite projects were ones that revolved around environmentalism and clean energy, so I found a job that was more focused in that area. I have always been an environmental steward, volunteering in my local parks for trash clean up, weeding, planting, or trail maintenance.

  • When do you have the most fun at work?

    My favorite task is breaking down survey results or writing interview guides from scratch. The most fun I have is when we eat lunch together and talk about the greater impact of our work.

  • How do you spend your time on the weekends?

    My goal of every weekend is to exhaust my dog by hiking, biking, or watching sports at a local brewery.