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Leigh Michael

Senior Consultant


Leigh approaches even the most challenging or unclear scenarios with positive energy, rolling up her sleeves and jumping right in. She has an academic background in program evaluation and environmental science; prior to joining EMI, Leigh worked with a resource conservation organization to drive efficiency through behavioral interventions. Leigh continues to delight both clients and peers with her excellent written, verbal, and visual communication skills.


cross-country road trips in a 30 year-old car


viewings of Jaws (included: an irrational fear of shark attacks)


dog who loves backpacking and hates elevators

  • How did you get into the clean energy field?

    My academic background researching the impact of environmental legislation at the community level, paired with my professional experience working in resource conservation programming, unearthed a keen interest in how we can combine behavioral interventions with systems-wide changes to drive efficiency.

  • What are you passionate about? What are the ideas that drive you?

    The goal that drives me: how can we make clean energy more accessible to everyone? I get excited when ideas turn into change-making actions, and when we use quantitative and qualitative data to tell make complex ideas more compelling and accessible to a range of audiences.

  • How do you spend your time on the weekends?

    A day hike or a backpacking trip with a good brewery at the end!