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Michael Johnson

Senior Consultant


Michael believes that all voices and perspectives should be heard. When interacting with clients, he is excellent at listening and asking the right questions to get people to open up. With a background in finance and energy management, Michael has a passion for earth stewardship and innovative methods and technologies that make a true difference. His experience combined with his pleasant demeanor make him a joy to partner with.


states visited (except Alaska)


bulls eye in a row in an archery competition


won dance contests with the prize of a bottle of champagne

  • How did you get into the clean energy field?

    My first job was in accounting for a waste-to-energy facility designer. I was also the acting environmental coordinator. It was a fascinating position as I was involved early in how humans easily polarize on issues related to what is good for the environment.

  • What are you passionate about? What are the ideas that drive you?

    I am passionate about earth stewardship, including youth involvement. Outside of my job, I currently volunteer and help faith-based organizations discover what their faith teaches them about taking care of our planet. I also volunteer with two youth organizations that include sustainability as a component of their mission.

  • Your favorite spot in the world? Why?

    Yellowstone National Park. I love the diversity of biological and geological features that you can see while in the park. I could easily stay there for a couple weeks and not see everything I would like to see.