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Rich Hazzard

Business Development Consultant

Rich Hazzard

Rich has almost 20 years of experience working in the energy industry. He was the first employee at EMI Consulting, and worked alongside founder Rob Bordner in the fledgling years of the firm. He has also spent time on the utility side of the industry, working for both Puget Sound Energy and Snohomosh Public Utility District. Rich is also driven to work for reform in the education sector as well, and most recently founded 17000.Solutions, a firm of consultants working to assess, re-imagine, and redesign some of the 17,000 hours K-12 students spend at school. More than anything else, Rich prioritizes the relationships he builds with his clients, both in energy and in education. He is currently helping to diversify our portfolio of work, leveraging his years of experience and contacts across sectors to find new ways that EMI Consulting can help clients shape the future of energy.


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  • What are you really good at?

    I’m a left-brained person in a right-brained industry. There is so much data out there but often with a narrow narrative. When possible, I translate data/research into story.

  • What are the problems you like to solve?

    I gravitate toward the customer side of the utility sector. Many people take their utility for granted, but electricity is the single-most important factor in their life—it enables life. I want to help utilities increase customer value and relevance, and to do that there needs to be greater utility elasticity regarding customer experience. I want customers and utilities to become more responsive to each other.

  • What is it like working with you?

    When it comes down to it, I care about people and relationships more than the work I do. In order to maintain relationships, we have to deliver quality work. I am animated, semi-formal, and I can be a quick and creative problem-solver in the sectors where my expertise is most helpful.