Richard Perry

Sales Development Manager

Ricky Perry

Richard comes to EMI Consulting with a background in business finance, and he is passionate about strengthening ties with other countries over shared goals around energy policy. He hopes to see a more sustainable global economy in his lifetime, and he sees energy as key to that shift. Richard supports our directors by conducting deep dives on the state of the industry, looking into specific sectors and technology types, and he helps to build partnerships with like-minded organizations that help us meet our clients’ needs. In his “spare” time he continues to reach out internationally, like teaching high school students in China about energy at an educational summit put on by the Harvard Association for U.S.-China Relations.


vegetables planted since the start of the pandemic


years played of collegiate lacrosse for University of Washington


hours studying the Chinese language

  • What are you really good at?

    Breaking down complex business problems into their component parts. It helps when you need to make fast and logical decisions. Once everything is sorted out, you know how to prioritize.

  • When do you have the most fun at work?

    I enjoy when, after having spent some time wrestling with a problem on your own or analyzing a bunch of data, you finally get to engage with others and share your results. Even when that sometimes sends you back to the drawing board, you’ve just learned something valuable.

  • What is it like working with you?

    I am a facilitator. I ask questions to the group, I guide conversations to keep them on track. I also try to lighten the mood—a team produces better results when its members enjoy working together and share a passion for what they’re doing.