Robert Saul

Senior Consultant


Robert is an exception to the archetype of a data-driven analyst. He’s passionate about digging into all the messy details, understanding the latest clean energy technology, and identifying the kinks that could get in the way of adoption. He has led evaluations of residential lighting programs in nine states and currently heads up EMI’s energy efficiency fieldwork training. As someone who believes that visuals can humanize data, Robert is dedicated to producing spectacular looking reports.


miles cycled on trip from Vancouver BC to Tijuana.


years teaching middle school before earning a Master’s degree in public policy


rock climbing routes climbed

  • What are you passionate about? What are the ideas that drive you?

    I love understanding all the latest and greatest clean energy technologies coming into the market.

  • If you had an unlimited budget to develop an idea for EMI, what would you do?

    I am a giant map nerd. I would develop three GIS tools. One to analyze rooftop building materials to identify inefficient greenhouses, the second to look at rooftop heat signatures to find leaky roofs, and the third to analyze roof slope patterns to identify ideal solar panel installation locations.

  • How do you spend your time when you’re not working?

    Outside! I love to rock climb, ski, bike, and kayak (in that order of preference). My wife really likes to drag me on hikes.



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