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Warren Scott


Warren Scott headshot

Not many people could say working with their father involved calibrating radiation monitors for nuclear facilities, but that is just what Warren did for five years. After studying biology as an undergrad and working in a lab, Warren discovered the solitary life of a lab scientist was not for him, and he pivoted to doing graduate work in psychology. He comes to EMI Consulting at the tail end of his PhD from Howard in social psychology to provide our team with his dedication to thorough research design. Warren likes to do his homework, researching all aspects of a topic, and then choosing an informed action to take. He is invigorated when he gets to interact with people as part of his work, making sure all perspectives have been considered.


hours running down Mt. Fuji


cross country road trips


days (and counting) of exercise in a row

  • What are the problems you like to solve?

    I like to focus on problems that can improve overall well-being. My biggest interest in social research has been understanding human behavior, because understanding leads to offering solutions to improve life. It's important to make sure we’re measuring the right thing so that the solutions we offer are appropriate.

  • How did you get into the clean energy field?

    In high school, I noticed solar power was rarely discussed. We talked about the problems of a changing climate: lakes drying up, constant fires, energy bills increasing; but the potential solution shining above us was ignored. I started to pay attention to incentives and changes the area was making toward clean energy, and it made me curious about further clean energy solutions. My interests solidified after taking my first breath of air in countries with clean energy and low pollution. It was extremely refreshing, and it made me want to pursue paths to achieve that here.

  • When do you have the most fun at work?

    Project teams pull together people with all sorts of backgrounds, and I really enjoy hearing the ideas from all the different areas of expertise, and finding a way to combine them into a cohesive research plan.

  • Where is your favorite spot in the world?

    Japan. I enjoy visiting the many temples and shrines dotting the landscape. I’m often in awe of the juxtaposition of bustling city and calming shrine. As an added bonus, I get to hang out with family there.